CO MDI Model Readiness Assessment

These 12 questions, arranged by topic, will help you determine your practice’s readiness to integrate a dental hygienist into your medical care team, particularly for the CO MDI model. The person completing this assessment should be very familiar with your practice and on the team that will be implementing the MDI work.
Once you complete the entire assessment you will receive an overall response of red, orange, or green as well as a response to your answer for each individual question. Your answers to the individual questions are weighted to come up with the overall response. Each colored response contains an explanation as to why you received that score and tips to learn more about the topic. You can save your responses/results as a PDF file or print them.

What do the red, orange, and green responses mean?

  • If you received a red response, the key factor/s needed for success are not present. Work on strengthening these factors and re-visit medical-dental integration in the future.
  • If you received an orange response you may want to pause before moving forward. At least be aware that a weakness may be present and consider what you could improve now to bring you success in the future.
  • If you received a green response, your practice has the factors needed for a high likelihood of success! Congratulations and let us know how it goes!
This assessment was developed by Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation, and was inspired by the Primary Care Team Guide Assessment at
Senior Leadership
This refers to your Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer, etc. If you are in a very large organization, perhaps this refers to another leader who will not implement the work but has an overarching director role.

This refers to whether or not the target population in your medical practice needs oral health services. The target population could be your entire practice but could also be groups such as children, pregnant women, or diabetic patients.

Physical space
This refers to the physical space in your medical practice where the hygienist will work. Most often this is a medical exam room that is turned into a dental exam room. It could also be another space in the clinic that is used or that is shared with medical providers. It should be large enough to hold all equipment necessary for full-scope dental hygiene (the largest pieces are the chair, light, and mobile delivery unit).

Daily Leadership
This refers to the person leading the day-to-day implementation of the project. This is someone in addition to the integrated hygienist, perhaps the practice manager or another administrative role.

Provider buy-in
This refers to the medical providers in the practice.

Staff buy-in
This refers to the clinical (such as medical assistants) and administrative (such as front desk) staff.

Building a team
The team refers to one representative from each department in the practice that will collectively work on implementing the project.

This refers to how much time the daily project staff (hygienist and supervisor) have available to work on medical-dental integration.

Quality improvement experience
This refers to how much training and experience the practice already has with quality improvement activities.

This refers to a visual or narrative representation of the flow (you might say “steps”) of work through the office related to patients receiving services. It could also refer to a visual or narrative representation specific to one activity within the office that has multiple steps and people involved.

Relationships with dentists
This refers to the relationships with dentists to provide exams and restorative care.

Practice capacity for change at this moment

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