This list of equipment outlines what will be needed for a dental hygienist to work at the full scope of her/his license in your practice. It is a guide that provides recommendations for equipping a dental hygiene room as well as items needed for medical exam rooms. This list is for mobile equipment, which is what is used in the CO MDI Project.

The equipment list includes large equipment, small equipment, X-ray equipment, consumables, and other items. It explains what the item is, its use, and what it costs.

Descriptions of the equipment are written in simple terms to help those without a dental background understand it. Having the assistance of a dental professional with the entire order is the best option. If you don’t have a dental professional available to help you, the list can provide direction. We recommend purchasing larger items on your own and holding off on the small tools and consumables until the hygienist can help with the order. S/he will have preferences that may affect certain items purchased (e.g. handedness of scaling/cleaning tools).